Active Days Out: The Junkyard Golf Club – London

Junk Yard Golf Club

Golf is a sport, yeah?

Although, not the most physical of sports, a day out at a crazy golf center is definitely an active day out. On Saturday Mike and I met up with a couple of his friends living in London and headed to the JunkYard Golf Club in Shoreditch.

Putt Up or Shut Up

Putt Up or Shut Up

For London, the JunkYard Golf Club is fairly well priced. Tickets are around £10 each, however drinks are pretty expensive. £5 will get you a 330ml can of Rekorderlig. There are 4 bars inside (although I only saw 3) and 3 golf courses. We played on Pedro (polluted paradise).

Junk Yard Golf Club

I’ve never played crazy golf before

so I honestly had no idea what I was doing. You’re supposed to get the highest score, right? Since it was my first time, I made good use of the bar to ensure I could blame my bad skills on the alcohol. The course between 4 of us took approximately an hour as we were all pretty shit. It seems like most of the people in front of us were too, but that’s all part of the fun!

Junkyard Golf Club

Turns out, the more drinks I had, the better I got. I also learnt I play better one handed. I got a hole in one TWICE and although I didn’t win (Mike did) I was the only one to do it more than once (fluke).

Junk Yard Golf Club

The “Pro” in action…. #MikeTheWinner

I had a great day at the Junkyard Golf Club

and I think it’s pretty awesome that under 18’s aren’t allowed in during the weekend (because who wants kids running around while you’re getting your drink on?). My only complaint was the music being so goddamn loud!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a nightclub, but it definitely felt like I was in one there–of course some music is better than none, but I would like to hear what the people around me are saying.

Shoreditch Street Food

To top off our London trip we headed into Shoreditch for a few drinks and some street food. Seriously, who needs bars and restaurants when you can sit in a little food market with your own drinks and cheap food? If you’re eating in a restaurant/pub/bar in London–You’re doing it wrong. The atmosphere at the food markets is great. It’s like a christmas market without santa hats and jingle bells. I honestly don’t know anywhere like it.

Shoreditch Street Food


As a result of the weekend, I’ve probably gained about a stone (thanks beers and burger!). I don’t think I can class golf as exercise, as much as I keep telling myself it’s an active sport, it really isn’t that vigorous. Maybe If we visit again, or even visit the Manchester one then I will go for healthier drinks (water) & food. Oh, and we also went well over our £100 day out budget….Mainly because South west trains messed up our tickets and gave us single train tickets instead of return, which cost us an extra £40 to fix.

Mike and Bree Train

All the smiles before I realised we had the wrong tickets -_-

Have you been to the Junkyard Golf Club before? Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below…

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