Top 10 Active Autumn Adventures

Autmn Adventures

As summer draws to a close and the leaves start to turn brown, it’s important to remember that your active lifestyle doesn’t have to end. As tempting as it may be to shut yourself in your bedroom, snuggle up in your duvet and binge watch the newest netflix series–there’s still so many adventures to be had.

Here’s my top pick of Autumn Adventures to keep you active and exploring:

Kenilworth Castle:

How I spent my Halloween 🎃

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Castles are spooky and ghostly, even more so in Autumn. The leaves are falling and crunching on the ground, whilst the sky varies between furious greys and cool, crisp sunshine. A place with so much history is ideal to visit if you’re looking for an adventure. Spending time climbing stairs, hills and exploring rooms is certain to tire you out and ensure you’re staying active and adventuring around an extraordinarily exciting place. Like many castles across the UK, over Halloween Kenilworth have many fun, family activities including fright nights, halloween tours and ghost and ghoul days. Making Autumn, the best time to visit. 

The Lake District:

Tarn Hows🌿💧.

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Visiting the lake district in Autumn is likely to be cold, yes. However, that’s part of the attraction. Putting on your winter coat & gloves. Walking through the crisp, golden leaves is all part of the charm. There are many campsites to stay at so pack plenty of thick clothes, sleeping bags and make sure you have a stove to make hot drinks.

Of course, you can also stay at a hotels or B&B, but where’s the adventure in that? Take a bike or your walking shoes and get active around the lakes. Don’t forget your camera as the lakes are especially beautiful during the Autumn/Winter months.

The New Forest:

throwback to a very wet #autumn in the #newforest

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Having grown up in the new forest I’ve somewhat take advantage of the magical scenery the place has to offer. Autumn is an amazing time to visit the forest. It’s when the colours really come alive. The remnants of the summer green leaves mixed with golds, reds and yellows ignite the trees. The cosy atmosphere is the perfect excuse to take a pew in a local pub and sit by a log fire with a hot chocolate glass of wine.

During mid October the New Forest has a walking festival. It’s a great way (if you’re not local) to get out, explore and discover what the forest has to give. Why not stay in one of the many stunning (although slightly expensive) hotels where you will be treated with absolute luxury.

Finally don’t forget the animals which live in the forest. Horses, ponies, donkeys, cows and many others–during Autumn after the acorns, chestnuts and other nuts have fallen the pigs are allowed out for pannage (something which doesn’t happen in many other areas anymore) something truly great to witness.

Go Ape:

I have been desperate to go to Go Ape for aaaages now and isn’t Autumn just the perfect time? Swinging through the trees, with the beautiful brown leaves and clean, crisp air seems like the best time to escape and explore. Why keep your feet on the ground when you could be walking along tight ropes, flying down zip wires and trekking through tree tops?

Rivington Pike:

#Rivington trip 😊

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Having only visited Rivington during a humid summer I can only imagine the colours this place would hold during Autumn, like the new forest Rivington is full of magic, beauty and hundreds of footpaths. The pike is actually the hill summit of Winter hill in the west pennine moors–overlooking a village called Rivington. My dad who lives just a few miles away regularly cycles up to the pike and in Winter is usually found with my half sisters sledging down it.


Cyprus has beautiful hidden Venetian bridges, the remains of the Venetians rule from 1489-1571. Why "hidden"? It's not easy to find many of them, especially the ones in the forests. Here is the map of the bridges. The bridges formed part of the old camel trail, built to aid the extraction of anything valuable the Venetians could find on the island, from copper to timber wood. This particular bridge is down the brook from Millomeris Waterfalls. We haven't met anyone neither on the trail, nor on the tarmac road leading to and from it. Spooky… 🙂 I'm going to visit all the bridges and post photos of them too. Один из удивительных секретов Кипра это Венецианские мосты, разбросанные по лесам и полям острова. Их что-то около двадцати в южной части Кипра. Вот здесь вы можете увидеть, где они находятся. (Карта неточная, сегодня убедилась в этом сама) Они остались от Венецианской эпохи (1489-1571), являясь частью древнего караванного пути, по которому с острова вывозилось ценное сырьё, от меди до древесины. Именно этот мост находится вниз по реке от Водопада Millomeris. Добираясь до моста, мы не встретили ни души – ни на пешеходной тропе, ни на дороге, ведущей к автотрассе. Постепенно я собираюсь добраться до всех остальных мостов, так что ждите фотографий! 🙂 #cyprus #summer #summerholidays #pafos #paphos #summervacation #vacation #holidays #cyprusholidays #holidaysincyprus #bridges #medievalbridges #cyprusmedievalbridges #venetianbridges #cyprusvenetianbridges #historicalbridges #cyprushistoricalbridges #walks #cypruswalks #cyprusbridges #mostykipra #кипр #отдыхнакипре #мосты #мостыкипра #венецианскиемосты #историякипра

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If you’re looking for somewhere warmer than what the great british weather has to offer then head over to Cyprus. The weather in September ranges from around 24-30 degrees celsius and October is around 25. Being out of high season means holidays, flight & hotel prices are much cheaper too.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Airbnb to find a nice self catering apartment to stay in. With many beautiful mountains and coastlines, walking is the perfect way to adventure, stay active and explore such a magnificent island.

Venice, Italy:

Venetian canals…

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Like Cyprus if you’re looking for somewhere a bit warmer than the UK over summer, but not too hot then Italy’s a sure thing. I spent 3 months working in Caorle on the venetian coast in 2011 and the weather was divine. There’s plenty of places to adventure in Caorle and the surrounding villages but for a “real” adventure, you have to go to Venice.

With no cars allowed it’s the perfect place to get active and wander around all day in the warm Autumn sun. when your feet start to hurt, you can get a water taxi or a gondola and be taken on a trip through the canals. However be warned, Venice may be known for being a romantic city, but it is also known as being a smelly one, it usually only happens when the weather is particularly hot–so Autumn should be safe and smell free.


Photo by @stephpetit77

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London is beautiful at all times of year. With the many parks London accommodates–the golden hues of Autumn, do make London that slight bit more attractive. Also, if you’ve ever used the tube in London you’ll know that Summer & Tubes is a recipe for heat exhaustion & complete stuffiness. It’s definitely better to save that sightseeing trip till the weathers cooled off. Being the capital of the UK it’s obvious that during Summer the streets are aligned with thousands of tourists visiting during their summer holidays, I’m not saying there won’t be any in Autumn but there will be slightly less, which makes Autumn the perfect time to take that London Eye trip.  

Vic Sur Aisne:

I’ve added a tiny little town (quite far) outside Paris, you may be asking why I would add a town consisting of literally a post office, a pub & a random pizza takeaway? Well In Vic Sur Aisne there’s a well known campsite calle La Croix Du Vieux Pont which I worked at for a few months in 2012. The campsite alone is a giant adventure as it’s absolutely huge. It’s fantastic if you have kids as it has bowling, kids clubs, pools and a coach to Disneyland. The campsite is also a fantastic base to discover France–though you will probably need a car.

Approximately 5 minutes drive from the campsite you will find some amazing war caves. At the entrance to the caves you will find a burnt out car from the 1st world war and many other artifacts scattered around, it’s amazing that no companies have latched on to this place in order to make money as it really is unique. We even found a bullet during our adventure–a real life bullet!

Be warned you will need a torch to visit, and I don’t recommend visiting in the evening. For a little bit of history then check out this blog post

Warwick Castle:

Like Kenilworth, Warwick castle has some amazing halloween activities. Between october and november they do a haunted castle week–and it’s not just for kids, this terrifying experience can be enjoyed by adults and teenagers too. If you’re visiting outside of halloween times there’s still plenty to explore around the castle grounds and Warwick itself. Being at the centre of the UK makes it a perfect location to visit friends and family from all across the country, which is great for Mike and I as my family live in Southampton/Manchester and his near Preston.

Take time to explore Warwick, the castle and stratford-upon-avon and have an activity filled Autumn weekend.  

Where do you like to spend your Autumn?

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