What I learned In October..

October Means Halloween

I know we’re already halfway through November so I’m a bit late in posting this, but I have officially been blogging now for a whole year! Can you believe that? I’m amazed at how much my writing has improved and how much response I’ve had from my posts, especially my working abroad post which was viewed over 2000 times in one day **OMFG moment**.

When I first started this blog it was with the whole intention of documenting my health and fitness journey, but since then I’ve developed it more and have incorporated an active travel side to things. Basically, because I absolutely love travelling and exploring so being able to do that whilst keeping fit and healthy, is pretty important to me.

This is the first time I’ve done a month reflection post, I did a turning 25 reflection post , but I feel it’s important to let my readers know a little bit more about me and how October was an important month.

The Pill and me

1.The Pill

Firstly I learnt that the contraceptive pill is an absolute bitch. Seriously. You can read my post about it here. But to get to the point, I hate it. It ruined my motivation and made me a moody grump bag. If you’ve got a successful method of contraception that doesn’t turn you into a screaming dragon, I’d love to know about it – hit me up in the comments or something.

Drinking Pre-Workout

2. Pre-Workout

Secondly, I discovered Pre-Workout. It’s one of my favourite products. I know too much caffeine isn’t good for me and yadda yadda ya, but this is awesome. And, it’s not like I use it every day – just the days when I really CBA. It helps so much. Thanks to Pre-Workout I have achieved more fitness goals in the space of a month than I have all year and it’s all due to the energy and strength it’s given me. I’m not going to rely on it and I’ve only really used it MAX 2-3 times in a week, but it is 100000% one of the best workout supplements I have tried.

The gym is my happy place…when it's empty….😁😐😂

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3. Double Gyming

Thirdly, double gyming is tough. I set myself a plan to go to the gym twice a day, as many times as I could, and hopefully average out about 10 workouts a week. It has been so tough. Weights in the morning and cardio in the evening. Thanks to my FitBit I’ve been able to track the amount of exercise I have been doing over each week. With my first week totalling over 10 hours of exercise! It’s so tough to keep up, though. With waking up at 4.30am and going to bed at 10pm, there just never seems to be enough hours in the week to fully recover.

my scoliosis

4. Scoliosis

Fourthly I discovered my scoliosis was much worse than I had originally thought. I went for an x-ray last month as I had been having breath shortness when I hadn’t even been exercising. During the chest X-ray, they noticed what they believe to be my scoliosis restricting my lungs. I have to wait for my referral with a specialist and the doctor wasn’t too sure herself but seems I may be headed for surgery, a back brace or just plain physio, let’s hope it’s the last one.

SO TRUE @proteinpromo #gym✔ #GinTime

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5. Sober For October

The fifth thing I learnt is that I cannot do Sober October – I love gin and prosecco too much, plus who does a sober month when there’s Halloween at the end of it?!

This adorable little man is my 5hour old nephew Finley 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

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6. Auntie Bree

The sixth thing on my list isn’t really something I learned, but something that happened. I became an auntie, to the most beautiful little boy Finley. He’s an absolute beauty who leads a life I’m pretty jealous of. Eating and sleeping – it’s like a dream come true, the only issue now is that there’s a new miniature human on my Christmas list to get spoiled, with my non-existing budget! **eeeekkk**

Pretty #Montpellier bunting 😇

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7. When Will I Get To France?

Lastly, I’ve learned that life doesn’t always go to plan. This time next year I hope to be living in Montpellier and studying French at a university. But at this moment, it seems like a long way off. Saving money, means earning money and for that, I need to work hard and up my game. Procrastinating on Facebook and scrolling through Twitter are sure ways for me to slack off! However, I’ve found that listening to meditation music throughout the day has really helped me relax and focus on work, which is the complete opposite of what I expected – I always figured I’d just fall asleep instead.


What did you learn in October? Let me know in the comments below or give me a quick message on Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to hear from you all.

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