I’m Getting Married…

I'm getting married

If you didn’t already know, from the copious amounts of Instagram, Facebook and twitter posts, I’m getting Married. That’s right. Full on wedded. As a result, I’m now on a wedding planning mission. So, bear with me for a while as you’ll notice a few less travel, health and fitness posts. But maybe a few more weddingy posts?

However, fear not. You won’t have to wait too long to get them back. As, we are having one of the shortest possible engagements EVER!

That’s right. On the 26th of August 2017 I will become Mrs L.

I'm so happy with my #papercut for the #wedding from @twentyfingers how beautiful is this!! 😍 ♥ I can't wait till the 26th of August 🎩 👰 #weddingdecor #weddingpapercut

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While some may think there’s not enough time to plan a wedding, I think 3 months is PERFECT. And I’m going to prove it.

So stay tuned, for a series of last minute wedding planning posts.

Where I’m going to share my

  • trials and tribulations,
  • meltdowns and tantrums,
  • happiness and jubilations.

And oh, so many photos….

But first, let’s tell you a soppy love story about the Fiance and me

Once upon a time, a little Bree (that’s me) and Mr L (that’s him), worked together on a campsite in the South of France. Making conversations about our love of skittle bombs, You Me At Six and Maroon Renault Clios, we soon hit it off.

My mobile and car

I also happened to be the only girl in the team who had a car with her. Clearly a brilliant catch.

After a few weeks of working together, drinking together and eating together, I was moved away. It wasn’t until a party when I returned. With nowhere to sleep I decided a friendly spoon night with Mr L was the only way to keep warm. And so it began…

As a result of said spoon, Mr L started flooding Little Bree’s inbox with winky faces and other emojis. Little Bree, of course told all her friends, and Mr L was soon nicknamed wink face. I’m not sure if he was aware at the time.

A few days later, another party reunited us. This time it was fancy dress. Lending Mr L and the other guys a few of my dresses and makeup, it was that night we first kissed. Our first kiss, and he was dressed as a girl.


Mr L and Bree

A few weeks went by and we shared a few more wink faces and kisses. Yet, still no official label. We decided to go on a date. But, not your average date, we climbed a mountain. That’s right, a full blown mountain…


More like a big hill.

But still…

I was fat.

it was tough.

Roquebrune Sur Argens View of the rock

However, it wasn’t until a week or so later, the label came. One drunken night, Mr L was teaching me to tactical chunder the copious amounts of alcohol I’d drank, and it got brought up (literally).

Seriously though, the conversation took place covered in dribble asking why he fancied me. Beautiful right? I figured if he still liked me while holding my hair back to throw up and covered in dribble, then clearly he was a keeper.

And then we were official.

In the toilet floor of Camping Holiday Green.

On the 4th of June 2014.

I officially began dating my future husband.

WOW, It’s weird saying that…

We’ve had lots of ups, a couple of downs and way too many holidays, but now it’s time to embark on our new adventure.

Roca Nivaria

So here’s to the next 3 months of engagement before I marry my ginger prince

I’d also like to clarify that I don’t *really* call him my ginger prince, it’s and an inside joke, and that none of my other posts will EVER be as soppy as this – believe me – because, I am not that person. This is probably the soppiest thing anyone will see/hear about our relationship (I promise).

To stay updated with the wedding planning, then bookmark this page and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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