17 goals of 2017

2017 goal setting

17 before the end of 17 – my goals for the year!

January is the top time for goal setting. Anybody who knows me will tell you I’m a big fan of personal development and planning, which is why I’ve decided to take on the task of writing 17 goals I wish to accomplish this year.

At this current moment, as I start to write this I can only think of 6 main things I want to achieve this year so it could be a struggle to find another 11 – but I’m going to have a go anyway. in theory, every big goal you make can be broken down into lots of smaller goals.  This year, I’m determined to make it MY year.

1: Positivity

This sounds so cheesy and lame, right? But it’s probably the most important goal and one that will help me achieve the rest. I am one negative person. I’ve grown up assuming life is against me. The world owes me better. It doesn’t. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with my negativity. It’s one thing I absolutely despise. This year I want to actively work on my positivity by:

  • Being nicer to people
  • Being nicer to myself
  • Stop letting problems get to me so easily
  • Ignoring other people’s life choices that don’t affect me
  • Concentrate on being happy

Recently been reading Hal Eldron’s Miracle Morning. He speaks about writing affirmations to repeat every morning to help keep you positive and motivated. It’s a good book and I feel it will assist in helping me stay positive this year. 

2: Weight loss

weightloss in progress

In 2015 I lost a little bit of weight (around 3 stone). However, in 2016 I managed to gain around a stone of that back. I attended the gym regularly, ate healthily and tried, but not hard enough.

My clothes still fit the same thankfully and I don’t think I look particularly different and I put that down to adding free weights to my gym routine. yet, I still carry too much fat for my height. I have my best friends wedding in September, so I’m aiming to make 2017 a big “healthy” year. I don’t want to set myself too stricter goals as I know how restriction can cause me to binge and become demotivated. 

This goal is to actively try and shed more fat throughout 2017 by eating more healthy foods, exercising regularly and monitoring my progress.

3: Practice French


It’s been our plan for over a year now to move to France. I’m planning to study French at a university in Montpellier to help integrate into the community but before we go I want to have a basic understanding. I’ve tried and failed many times at learning a language. I went to college to study Spanish, I have a lot of family there and I also worked there for 6 months, but I really struggled to pick up the lingo. This year I’m determined. 

I plan to put more effort into listening to audiobooks, playing on Duolingo and actively studying from home. I want to start with 15 minutes a day and slowly work up if I find it sustainable.

4: Save money

To move to France I obviously need to save money. Not just for France but the best friends hen party is in Brugge so that’s also a big expense. As someone who earns minimum wage working 9-5 saving is a big struggle for me. 

Luckily Mike pays the majority of bills so I send him £500 a month for my share, leaving me with around £300. Minimum wage is hard, but I’m very lucky to have no dependents relying on me. I preferably want to come away from the month with at least £50 leftover that I can put into a kitty to pay for Brugge.

5: Gratitude

I struggle with thanks. I don’t think it’s because I’m rude, I think I’m just awkward. Not just towards people, but towards life in general. This links in well with my positivity goal.  I guess I need to really think about what I’m grateful for in life and thank the people that have made it possible. 

My nan especially is super. She’s been a rock throughout my adolescence and even when I was an absolute shit she would always try and bail me out of situations. She needs a whole lot of thanks and appreciation.  This year I want to show her and everyone else that they really mean something and I appreciate them for helping me.

6: Weightlifting

I want to squat and bench press my body weight. I love weight training. So I have to have a weights goal in this list. My gym instructor has recently taken me off of weights out of concern for my scoliosis but I refuse to let that hold me back. 

me squatting in makeup at the gym

So 2017 I would like to ignore the gym instructor, return to weights and consistently up my game every week. Until I can lift my body weight (which hopefully will be smaller by the end of the year anyway)

7: Alcohol

I hate the way alcohol makes me feel the next day, yet I love the way it makes me feel at the time. I woke up this new year’s day with no recollection of how I got to bed, or even getting home and that absolutely terrifies me. Mike even told me I locked myself in the bathroom for ages and he tried to open the door with a knife. 

Me on new years eveI can’t seem to find the line between a little bit tipsy/happy, to complete blackout. This year I would like to try and reduce my drinking. Not that I am a massive drinker, but I don’t want to get myself in those states. I don’t want to be that person. 

If I do drink I’d like to keep it to just a couple of glasses, but preferably, at the moment I’d rather not drink at all.

8: Work

I work from home, alone and it can be hard sometimes to avoid distraction. Although I have an amazing work/life balance I do feel like I need to put more effort into my work. 

I manage a sports & nutrition website, I deal with the content, reviews, discounts and social media. Trying to plan and schedule everything can be an absolute nightmare. This year I want a stronger work ethic and I want to pay more attention to my planning and executing.

9: Read more

As a child, I used to spend my evenings reading Enid Blyton books. Then I went to secondary school where reading made you a “freak”. Seriously, I haven’t even read Harry Potter **kill me now**.

I stopped reading, and I never had much encouragement as a teenager to do it. In fact, I got dropped from English literature as I hadn’t done any work all year. It’s a sad situation I got myself in. Now as I’m older and wiser I know reading is an integral part of life and will benefit me in the future.

I want to spend half hour of every work morning reading personal development books and improving myself this year.

10: Early Mornings

I want to wake up early every weekday morning. I currently have this annoying non-routine where some mornings I wake up at 4.30 with Mike, do some work, read and “get shit done”. Other mornings I can’t seem to drag myself up until 10 am. Having such a lack of routine really sucks as it messes with your body clock and body functions. 

I want to spend every morning (except for weekends) out of bed by at least 5:30 am. Early mornings are great. I love the quiet and peacefulness and I feel so much more driven to get things done. Though admittedly I do like to have afternoon naps occasionally, but only when everything is done.

11: Travel Less

Yep, that’s actually my goal and it makes me want to cry. As someone who has worked abroad for a good part of their adult years, I struggle with sitting still in one place for long periods. I always want a holiday. An opportunity to explore somewhere new, but this year due to our money-saving holidays are off the cards.

Roca Nivaria Hotel

It’s probably going to be one of my hardest goals to achieve. By around March, I tend to get the winter blues. I hate the cold weather. Hate the UK and I look for any excuse to escape, I need to keep remembering France is the end game and for that, I need to save.

12: Make an effort

Working from home has made me slightly more relaxed about my appearance. Unlike a normal workplace, I tend to just ditch the makeup and straighteners for a more “natural” look. Sometimes I even work in sweatpants.

I want/need to start making an effort to look better because when I look better, I perform better and I’m definitely more motivated. So I will make a conscious effort to actually look like a decent human being this year

13: Walk More

So far this year, I haven’t hit 10,000 steps – that’s awful isn’t it. I’m pretty sure My Fitbit has become less responsive in the last few months as it is now over 2 years old, but that doesn’t make me feel better about the low amount of steps. There were days in summer I would walk 10,000 steps to a post office ages away, just to hit my goals. now it’s winter and I begrudge walking to the post box at the end of the road.

I really hate winter. No words can describe how demotivating I find the cold weather, which is why I made a post on trying to keep fit during the winter. I still need to take more of my own advice though and get those steps in. This year I would like to average 50,000+ steps per week.

14: Cut down on the nut butter

Nut butter

Not sure what happened to me. I went from 3 years ago not even knowing what nut butter tasted like, to eating almost a jar a week. I absolutely love the stuff, almond butter especially. Although it’s high in healthy fats, it’s also a lot of calories that I’m over eating. As much as I love the nut butter it’s time to reduce my tablespoon to a teaspoon. However much it pains me to say this :’(  

15: Write more

If you read my blog, and I’m not sure how many people actually do, you’ll see that I’m very sporadic with my writing and updating. Sometimes I feel like I never have time to write. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood and other times works just a little bit more important.

I would really like to spend more time in 2017 writing. Not for money, but for my own self-improvement. I went through school never really bothering or achieving much, so having an outlet like this makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Especially when I find out people are reading it and enjoying it.

16: Gym Time

I want to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Preferably 5+ but I don’t want to put too much pressure on incase I get ill or something. Last year I went through a phase of being “too ill” for the gym. I wasn’t ill at all I just had a pretty low mood. If I actually went to the gym instead of being “too ill” I’d have probably felt better and kicked the low mood in the ass.

me in makeup at the gym

I love the gym, not too keen on the people but I love it when I’m alone or with Mike. 2017 is my year to absolutely smash it. I was top of the attendee leaderboard in November so I would absolutely love to smash that for a few months in 2017 too.

17: Don’t beat myself up

At the end of the day, these 17 goals are all going to be tough. If I don’t accomplish them all, I don’t. I’m not going to beat myself up. Sure I can say #NeverGiveUp but why would I want to put so much pressure on myself? Adding pressure like that could make me absolutely hate and resent the process.

I want to love and enjoy my life so if that means taking a gym break, a diet break or an ultimate goal break then I will. I’m not a disciplined robot and no matter how much I try to discipline myself, I’m sure I will have slip ups. 

Beating myself up is something I have dealt with way too much over the years and I’m going to stop. This year, if I miss a gym sesh, eat a cake, gain a few pounds I will remind myself it’s not the end of the world. There’s really a lot more important things to concern myself with.

If you want to help me on my way and send me encouragement then follow me on Instagram and twitter where I’ll update my progress regularly. I’d also love to see your own posts and goals for 2017 so send me your links in the comments below. Here’s to, a fricken awesome 2017 😀

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