Motivation Killer: Why I’m Stopping The Pill & You Should Too…

The Pill and me

I can’t believe how close we are to finishing 2016. It’s been a crazy year full of social events, active days out, gym trips and holidays. 2016 You’ve been great. But, these last few weeks are MY time. My time to work on myself and my motivation.

So, I’ve decided to stop taking my pill

No, I’m not planning a child, I’ve just decided that over the last 6 months my fitness motivation has been nowhere near what it used to be. I totally blame the effect the pill has on my mental health and well-being. Firstly it’s made me a massive bitch and secondly a giant, hungry hippo – together that’s not a great combination.

The Pill and me

I understand that the pill is the most convenient way to ensure you’re not going to get pregnant. Let’s be honest it’s a genius invention, pop one little pill in your mouth daily and hey presto No Baby. But, there are other ways to go about it, without pumping a shitty synthetic hormone through your body. Honestly, If I could turn my womb off for the next few years, I would – it’s just a shame this isn’t possible.

Why I took the Pill – Microgynon/Rigevidon

Let’s start with why I took the pill in the first place, I mean there’s a few reasons other than the baby protection business. One being, my extremely abnormal periods. Some months I literally have 1-week period free – no kidding. Hence why I figured the pill would be BETTER for my gym motivation, coz nobody really enjoys a sweaty period workout, do they? Well, I was wrong.


Taking the pill did momentarily fix my abnormal periods but only for a couple of months out of the 6, the doctors have no idea why they’re so abnormal either. After an ultrasound, a few observations, a cervical smear and a cervical ectropion cauterisation it’s still not been figured out.

The Pill Does have Benefits

The pill actually has quite a few benefits, beyond baby prevention and abnormal periods, it can:

  • Stop cramps
  • Reduce the length and intensity of periods
  • It can help acne
  • It helps the symptoms of endometriosis and PCOS
  • And it can lower the risk of some cancers

Which is all great for the people that have these issues, but I didn’t. Well, I get a lot of spots but I’d never call it acne – and if anything the pill made them worse.

Why did it affect my motivation

You might be wondering how taking the pill affected my motivation. Maybe it works fine for you? Well, you might be surprised to learn that the pill lowers the testosterone in our body, which is a vital hormone for muscle building, not directly linked to the motivation, I know, but when you don’t get testosterone, your mood is negatively affected, so it’s still very relevant.

The Pill and me

Have you ever read the list of side-effects in your pack? There’re tonnes! Ranging from headaches, depression and anxiety all the way to cancer, blood clots and heart attacks. The pills not for everyone. Many people take the contraceptive pill all their lives with no issue and that’s great – I really wish I was one of those people.

Due to the oestrogen in the pills, your body is more likely to retain water which is responsible for weight gain (remember weight gain doesn’t mean fat gain). But, a body, bloated and full of water, is not an easy body to work out with combined with the fact that the pill made me incredibly miserable and hungry. Instead of working out I would rather sit at home eating bowls of yoghurt and peanut butter. Leading to weight gain and lack of motivation.

The Pill and me

What Now

Now, let’s wait and see. It’s been around 4 weeks now since I stopped taking it and I’ve smashed the gym between 3 & 10 times each week since, which is a whole load better than when I was taking it. My motivation is so on point, I’ve even managed to wake up at 4.30 every day this week, without an afternoon nap (and I love naps).

Do you take the pill and how does it affect you mentally and physically? I’d love to know, hit me up in the comments below!

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