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Allen Carr Lose Weight Now

Allen Carr’s Easy way….

Before I tell you how Allen Carr’s Lose Weight now – the Easy Weigh can help you lose weight, first I need to give you a brief history on the author and his methods.

When one of my best friends told me she was reading a book about giving up smoking written by “Alan Carr” I was pretty confused. How could a comedian help her stop smoking? And then I figured. If like me you hadn’t heard of Allen Carr before you’ll be surprised to learn that he’s actually a very famous British author.

Allen Carr previously wrote best-selling book “the easy way to stop smoking”. The famous book has helped and continues to help thousands of people go from smoking 100 a day to nothing overnight. The reviews and testimonials are outstanding and he even guarantees success or money back.

Ironically, Allen passed away in 2006, after battling lung cancer. But, his legacy lives on through the many clinics across the world delivering his unique methods and product.

I’m not here to talk about giving up smoking.

Although his method started with his books on giving up smoking, I’m here to talk about his weight loss books.

I recently read his book “how to lose weight now” a modified version of his “Easy weigh to lose weight”. Easier to read and reduced in size, it removes a lot of the faff and focuses on just the important stuff.

He tells us that we can:

“Eat as much of your favourite foods as you want, whenever you want, as often as you want, and be the exact weight you want to be, without dieting, special exercise, using willpower or feeling deprived”

Firstly, if you’ve gained a lot of weight from eating too much of your “favourite foods” you’ll figure there’s more to this quote…

The idea of “our favourite foods” may not be what you think it is. Our favourite foods as described by Allen Carr, are those which nature intended for us. Fruit, nuts and vegetables. Not your favourite pack a walkers from the local Tesco…

Throughout the book, he attempts to “undo the brainwashing” we have received about what our “favourite food” is. He believes that years of marketing and artificial flavourings have tainted our views and that we have been brainwashed into believing unnatural foods are actually our favourite when really our bodies all crave and desire food in its natural state – could he be right?

What do I think?

I am in 2 minds. he has some brilliant ideas, metaphors and his arguments are very persuasive.

Then again a lot of what he’s writing is quite obvious. Don’t we already know the key to losing weight is to eat more fruit and veg and less processed crap?

The aim of the book is to change the way our minds look at food. He says it’s to undo the brainwashing, but in some respects, Can his method also be seen as brainwashing?

Should we be following natures guide?

Nature’s guide, as Allen Carr describes, is following a raw food, vegan diet.

Now, it’s 2018 and plant-based diets are gaining a lot of good press at the moment. Many believe they are the most nutritious and healthy diets around.

Take for example meat – I love meat, I used to think I could eat plain chicken breasts every day. Yet, after reading this book I feel differently.

What if we aren’t really built to eat meat? What if eating food our body struggles to digest is what causes all humans Ill health?

Let’s not even start talking about the antibiotics they’re feeding to meat across the world…

He notes, that It’s very rare we see overweight wild animals. Hippos and Elephants are overweight, sure, but they are “built” that way. Wild animals are not disproportionate to what they should be, unlike many humans and domesticated animals.

What do you think? I really think everyone should read this book. Although there are good and bad points, which I’ve outlined below, it’s really important to see what we eat from a different point of view – are we just ignorant? Is what we believe to be right the only way?

Good Points

  • Makes you look differently at what you eat – sugar/salt contents and what these could be doing to your insides.
  • Hunger is good – it makes your meal more satisfying when you get it.
  • Overeating is not satisfying.
  • The way you’re eating now is making you miserable (if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be reading the book)
  • Setting target weights isn’t beneficial
  • If bacteria won’t touch tinned food, why should you?

Bad points

  • A bit deceptive at the beginning.
  • You must be willing and open minded
  • Makes giving up on chicken and becoming a vegan seem like a good idea
  • Some ideas are fairly obvious

I found more good points than bad. I definitely think it’s worth reading. Even if doesn’t work, it’s really good to see other perspectives when it comes to our eating habits.

I’m not going to say this book is life changing, but, it has made me more aware.

And maybe, in the future, that awareness will make a difference.

Reading any good “diet books”? Listening to a good hypnosis CD? Or attending weight loss seminars/classes? Let me know by Tweeting me or commenting below

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