I’m giving up pancakes for lent

Instagram followers rejoice – you will no longer see my weekend pancake stacks every Saturday and Sunday! Well, at least for the next 46 days (unless I decide to give you a cheeky throwback)

Protein pancakes

Look, I’m not the kinda girl to write a blog post over nothing. In fact, I go weeks without posting anything because I have no idea what to discuss or nothing interesting has happened in my life. Which is why this is definitely a big deal to me. Like the BIGGEST deal in forever….

Protein pancakes

That’s right, I’m giving up pancakes for lent. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that EVERY weekend, (almost) without fail, Mike and I eat a giant stack of protein pancakes. It’s my weekend treat. Some people enjoy alcohol on a Friday night, I enjoy pancakes in the morning.

Protein pancakes

God knows why I’m giving them up.


You know, when you make a snap decision and then you totally regret it? That’s how I feel right now and it’s only weekend 1 of 6. But, I can do it, right?

Protein pancakes

Apparently, lent doesn’t include Sundays – but I just tried convincing Mike that that’s the case and he doesn’t seem to believe me. So it looks like we’re actually doing this! :O

Protein pancakes

You’re supposed to give up something you enjoy, aren’t you? And I don’t think there’s anything I enjoy more than decorating and then demolishing a protein pancake stack. So there really was nothing else I could even consider giving up.

Protein pancakes

I haven’t had alcohol since last year, so “giving up” that would be a cop-out. I suppose I’m kinda glad I won’t be wasting an hour a day making them, that’s a ball ache. You know, when they get stuck to the pan and then you have to spend ages trying to scratch them off and then by the time you flip it, it’s completely burnt to shreds? Yeah, I “suppose” I’m glad about that.

All the things, that can be done in that extra hour, like sleeping, sleeping and urrrrr sleeping.

Protein pancakes

But seriously, I’m finding it tough. Not as tough as giving up smoking, but it’s a pretty close second. That’s why I’m writing about it!

Pancakes are life.

They are literally all that’s on my mind right now…..

Protein pancakes

ALSO: I’m guessing you haven’t given up pancakes for lent because only a moron would be that stupid right? SO you might be wondering how I make them so fricking sexy (don’t mean to gloat, but look at them 😍), I’ve written a handy recipe which you can check out.

What have you given up for lent? Let me know on Twitter. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for absolutely NO protein pancake posts for the next 6 weeks….. *CRY*

Protein pancakes

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