5 Meat Alternatives To Survive Meat Free Monday.

Meat Free Monday

How To Survive Meat Free Monday

There’s nothing I like more than a big meaty dinner. No matter how many health and nutrition books and blogs I read, i’m never going to be a vegan. I once tried being vegetarian at school because I thought it was really “emo” and all my favourite bands supported PETA – so of course, so did I. That lasted around 8 months before I started getting anaemic and fainting all the time (I was a pretty ill informed 15 year old who had no idea that I needed to eat iron or take supplements). My vegetarian reign ended with a mcdonald’s hamburger happy meal and it felt incredible. I’ve not tried it again since. Until now, where i’m going to start trying Meat Free Mondays.  

50% of my daily meals contain meat. Lunch usually consists of some form of chicken salad with couscous, quinoa or rice. Dinner is normally chicken, steak, salmon or tuna. I’m not much of a “full english” kinda girl so breakfast isn’t a meaty concern and I definitely don’t have meat in my pudding because that would just be weird.

Meat Free Monday

So what are my options on a Meat Free Monday?

It’s difficult when you have a strong gym routine that requires you to consume more than the usual amount of protein throughout the day. Especially Monday as that’s leg day and that requires the highest percentage of protein throughout the whole week. But, what alternatives to meat are out there?

1. Fish


So technically, still a meat but not at the same time. I think if you’re going meat free completely then fish shouldn’t be included. This might be hard for some people so it’s still an option and I won’t criticise anyone who wants to eat fish on a Monday – Though, that is what #FishFriday is for.

2. Meat Alternatives

Tofu Meat Free

There are many meat free alternatives, soya, tofu, Quorn. I tend to eat Quorn mince more often than I eat normal mince anyway – it tastes better, is higher protein and less fat than “real mince”. I’m also not that keen on sausages so I find I also prefer the taste of Quorn sausages and Linda McCartney red onion sausages are also great.

3. Quark

quark meat free

Quark is a high protein low fat cheese and is the basis of my puddings. I love cheesecake, like all the cheesecake in and around my mouth. It’s great. So quark for me is my non guilty cheesecake pudding. The stuff is brimmed with so much protein too so you can easily hit protein targets. It can be used for baking, as a soft cheese or perfect for desserts. I mix mine with Almond butter, mixed nuts and some chocolate powder.

4. Protein Powders

Protein Shake

Protein powders are on the up these days and are becoming more and more popular with everyone. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle or tone up someone will probably recommend you use protein powder. Again, I use it in puddings, protein shakes, green smoothies, pancakes, almost everything. There are many recipes online showing you how to make extraordinary healthy protein packed meals using protein powder.

5. Eggs

Eggs Meat Free

On a weekend, in my house we seem to go through about 15 eggs. It’s ridiculous! We use them for breakfast pancakes and then we normally have omelettes for lunch. Reason being is I usually batch cook food on a Sunday, and batch slice all the onions, peppers and other vegetables. So Saturdays omelettes are usually full of veggies just past there best and Sundays omelette is full of fresh pre chopped veg. It’s just so quick and easy to rustle up so it’s perfect for a quick lunchtime meal. You can also make mini quiche omelettes by using your normal ingredients, separating it into a muffin tray, heating in the oven and then you have a batch of baby omelettes to eat as and when you like.


So there’s 5 alternatives to meat to ensure you’re still eating enough protein even on a meat free Monday. If you’re looking for some protein packed recipe inspiration then head over to ProteinPromo.com where you can find 80+ high protein vegetarian meals and 40 incredible protein cake ideas.


Do you have know any other ways to ensure you’re eating enough protein on Meat Free Monday? Or any high protein, meat free recipes you would like me to feature? Let me know in the comments.

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