Keto Diet: My Keto Journey Week One!

Healthy green steak salad

I’m starting the Keto diet!

Let me explain….

Keto DIet Breakfast

If you know me, you know I’m really not into diets/dieting! I don’t think they’re sustainable and sometimes I think they’re pretty unhealthy although, dieting can’t be as bad as Juice plus, Herbalife and all that other crappy pyramid scheme rubbish! But diets just aren’t that good for me!

Firstly I struggle to stay on track, and secondly once I do lose track I totally punish myself. Not cool!  

For years and years I’ve questioned diets and their benefits. Yeah, sure they help you lose weight but once that weights lost and you go back to your normal eating habits you’re just going to gain it back and maybe even a little bit more, right? At least, that’s the experience I’ve had whenever I’ve tried to diet.

So why the hell do I want to try the Keto diet?

Keto DIet Dinner

I love health & fitness. That’s why I started this blog in the first place. A creative outlet to keep me on track, in my health & fitness journey. Throughout this journey, I’ve met, spoken to and read blogs from loads and loads of “experts”.

And every piece of advice I received, has contradicted the last piece.

I’m happy with my weight, I’m happy with my lifestyle, my diet and my gym routine. But in the last 5 months – everything has been so scheduled, time consuming and regimented – which is great! But every now and then I like a bit of variety!

I haven’t lost weight in 5 months. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and I eat an extremely healthy balanced diet. Yes I can go on holiday for a week, not eat so well, drink some wine and not work out and still not panic about my weight – because it just doesn’t change! Literally! I don’t know if my scales are broken, but nothing changes.

But like I said, I am happy with my weight now, I really am. Yeah I’m still overweight but I’m happy.

But, just because I’m happy does that mean I should stop striding for improvement? Should I stay at an overweight, potentially health damaging weight, just because I’m happy and I don’t look as overweight as some people. NO! Giving up is not a feasible option.

So that’s why I’m going to do the Keto Diet. How can I criticise these diets, when I’ve not even tried them myself? Even just a little shock to system would be good to start promoting more fat loss.

Why Is the Keto diet So Good?

Keto DIet


The Keto Diet is hugely popular these days with everyone. Doctors recommend it for pre-diabetic patients. Body builders commend it’s “outstanding benefits”. But why? Why is this new diet craze become ever so popular?

Firstly The Keto Diets is based on having a low ratio of Carbohydrates to high ratio of fats and a standard ratio of protein.

Now, just because this diet is low carbohydrate, it doesn’t mean we should “fear the carb” as many people do. In the same way that other people “fear the fat” Which is exactly what you eat most of doing The Keto Diet.

The Keto diet puts your body into a state of Ketosis. So, Ketosis is a metabolic state which means that your body will start breaking down it’s fat for energy, It’s all very scientific. Also pretty ironic that a high fat diet promotes fat burning!!!

Anyway, you’re body basically gets bored of it’s usual diet, and although I didn’t eat a whole ton of starchy carbs, a lot of my diet was made up of fruit, veg and salads (healthy carbs).

These carbs, although healthy actually make your metabolism lazy! On a high carb diet the body will usually get it’s energy from sources entering your mouth, but in ketosis it utilizes fat within the body instead.

Simple, right?

But it’s a whole lot of fat?

Keto DIet Fat

For many years people believed that fat was the enemy! Eating too much butter, cheese and bacon will inevitably lead to heart disease….but they were wrong.  As new evidence proves! The only type of fat that is bad for you, is being fat itself.

So if fats not bad, and carbs aren’t bad – it must be protein? NO! THERE ARE NO BAD FOOD GROUPS. Just bad choices and bad combinations. I personally think processed foods and overeating are the real problem here.

Side effects of The Keto Diet.

With any diet which reduces one of your main food groups you know it can’t be that safe long term! And of course pretty unsustainable. I mean, if I want to go out for lunch what would I even be able to eat?

There are side effects while you’re body gets used to it’s lack of sugar. Sugar withdrawal is just like any other addictive drug withdrawal. It’s tough!

There’s headaches, irritability, lack of concentration, constipation and so on.

It’s not a diet for the weak and willpowerless!

So how am I doing?

Costa morning routine.

I’m currently having 1500Kcals a day, so there is a deficit (if only slight) I’m also trying to continue exercising 6 days a week. 3 weights days and 3 cardio days. But it’s tough! Weights isn’t so bad but I’m lacking energy to do the cardio.

My diet consists of yogurt, peanut butter and a bit of fruit for breakfast. A salad with feta, seeds and olive oil for lunch. And some sort of meat, veg and salad for dinner. I also snack on Almonds and Babybells 😀

Tiredness & lack of concentration are the two symptoms I’m finding it hard to deal with. I’m generally a tired person anyway – so to add this, is never going to be great!

However, it’s day 6. I’m still craving sugar but I’m too excited for the challenge to give in!

I don’t have an end date, I’m thinking 3 to 4 weeks and then I can go back to slowly re-introducing more fruit and veg – but we will see how much progress I have before I decide!


If you are interested in starting Keto and taking a sugar free challenge or you have done it before please comment and let me know. All hints and tips are welcome!

And you can follow my journey on Twitter & Instagram!

Wish me luck 😀 

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  • Reply Katie Halsall May 19, 2016 at 9:42 pm

    I’ve always been interested in keto, but honestly don’t know how I’d manage it. Hopefully your tiredness eases up soon – changing to a high fat diet is never going to be good for the first few days! I imagine your body will settle into it soon enough and you’ll be reaping the benefits! I look forward to seeing how you get on.

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