My Keto Case Study

Keto Case Study

How would you feel if I told you, that it’s possible to eat a diet consisting of;

  • bacon,
  • eggs,
  • peanut butter,
  • cheese,
  • yogurt,
  • butter

+ everything else you’ve believed to be unhealthy–and would actually lose weight….

You’d think I was kidding right?

However, you would be totally wrong! The Keto diet is exactly that, and it works! How do I know this? Because I tried it. For 4 long weeks, I took the challenge, I cut the crap, I cut the sugar and I cut the chocolate.

And what have I got to show for it? My jeans are a size smaller, my belly’s a bit flatter and I’m down 10lbs of fat.


The Keto Diet is hugely popular healthy diet. Doctors recommend it to reverse the effects in pre-diabetic patients & body builders commend it for it’s “outstanding benefits”. But why is Keto so popular?

Firstly The Keto Diets is based on having a low ratio of Carbohydrates to high ratio of fats and a standard ratio of protein. You can track these ratios on applications like myfitnesspal–although many people advise you not to track your calories, tracking your macros is vital, you have to keep under 20% carbohydrates a day. For many that’s under 50 grams.

The Keto diet puts your body into a state of Ketosis. So, Ketosis is a metabolic state which means that your body will start breaking down it’s fat for energy. It’s pretty scientific but the basis is by putting your body into ketosis it breaks down fatty acids in the liver enabling your body to utilise the ketone bodies/ketones hence the name ketosis.

Ketosis is a completely natural state, and when our caloric intake is extremely low it’s the process our body initiates in order to survive. (but don’t worry, this diet does not recommend low calories)

Anyway, you’re body basically gets bored of it’s usual diet–A diet in which your body used the glucose from carbohydrates (which you’ve just eaten) as it’s energy source.

These carbs, although still healthy actually make your metabolism lazy! in ketosis it utilizes fat within the body instead.

Simple, right?”


Yes, Yes I did! You can view my full diary here, however here’s a snapshot of a typical Keto day.

My Fitness pal Keto

Ignore the times, I’ve recently amended them for my new routine.

Peanut butter and yogurt has to be my favourite keto food. I’ve also developed a love for cheese, something I particularly disliked before starting this diet.

I’m not going to say that keto meals are quick and easy, because they’re not. It took a lot of planning, organising, weighing and charting of meals to ensure I was sticking to the right macros. If my meals weren’t prior planned it could lead to some serious accidents.

If you’re looking for Keto recipe inspiration, feel free to use my diary but, it may be more beneficial to check out this awesome list of Keto recipes instead, because….there’s tons!


Yes & No! If I’m totally honest, it was a struggle. Adjusting to Keto isn’t an easy process, and  you will probably get “keto flu” which means a lack energy, a lack concentration and possible dizziness.

Dizziness was a big one for me, so much so I almost gave up in the beginning. I had trembles and I almost collapsed a few times. I believe this was caused by hypoglycemia/low blood sugar–I don’t think it happens to everyone (Mike didn’t get it) I was just very unlucky.

Once the transitioning process was out of the way, things got a whole lot easier. My energy levels increased and were even better than when I started. In fact getting up at 5am was no longer the worst part of my day. My productivity got better and my concentration improved–I felt sharp.

It was all going so well, I was noticeably slimmer, my clothes were sitting better. Although I hadn’t weighed myself, things were definitely heading in the right direction.

And then disaster struck….I had a stressful day at work. I coped the only way I knew how. To eat. And eat. And eat. In fact I ate 12 macaroons. TWELVE!

I kicked myself out of ketosis, I know this because I bought Ketostix (ketostix are a stick you pee on–a bit like a pregnancy test but they measure the amount of ketones in your wee, the more ketones, the pinker the stick becomes).


Keeping track of your progress is vital with any diet, it’s not just about weighing yourself everyday. In fact weighing yourself is detrimental to your progress because your weight can vary from hour to hour by up to 7lbs!!!! This could be due to water weight, clothes, food, etc.

So here’s my progress –

Keto case study Progress


Honestly? No. I love fat, but I love carbs more and sacrificing them is just not an option. I know there are tons of people out there who stick at Keto for years, but I’m not one of them. I enjoy my health and fitness, but I also enjoy a prosecco filled weekend with a bag of popcorn.

I mean the results were impressive. But I don’t really think it’s sustainable, and a lot of the difference may be related to carb de-bloating.

That said, I would recommend it to anyone wishing to shake up their diet temporarily.


Have you ever tried Keto? Do you want to try it now? Let me know in the comments below.


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