Green Smoothies: Why it is easy being green….

green smoothie
Green Smoothie

If you’re wondering what the tattoo says it’s a Jason Mraz lyric saying “You can turn off the sun, but I’m still gonna shine”

My work colleagues may find it amusing, but I love green smoothies, green tea and green veg. No joke I even had green wee yesterday (sorry TMI). My elevenses snacks consist of a warm green tea (usually some funky new flavour that’s on offer in sainsburys), my super spinach smoothies and maybe some strawberries (ok, not so green).

Green smoothies are the number one health food trend of 2016 and it’s no surprise. Packed with superfood goodness and also a pretty vibrant colour, what’s not to love?

Although, I’ve had some pretty weird looks pulling a protein shaker filled with green gloopy liquid out of my bag and then necking it back like there’s no tomorrow – it honestly is really surprisingly good.

However much you think spinach and drinking don’t go, you’re wrong. The spinach doesn’t have an overpowering taste/flavour and unbelievably, you can’t really taste it. Just don’t leave it in the work fridge overnight and try to drink it the next day because some serious chemical reaction happens and it tastes like popeye just pooped in your mouth #VOM!

So what do I put in my green smoothies?

Green Smoothies

A Green smoothie, mango smoothie and strawberry smoothie

The green:

Every green smoothie must have spinach, it’s a no brainer! Soooooooo many nutrients! And how else are you going to get the colour?

I hear some people use kale, I’m yet to try that one – but it is on the list.

My boyfriend told me once he was going on the “cucumber diet”. He made a shake of spinach and cucumber, and quite honestly it was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted, the consistency was like a sick in glass – so, I don’t advise using cucumber. Or going on a “cucumber diet” for that fact.

The Fruit:

Banana – frozen bananas are the best to keep a thick consistency, a fruity flavour and to make sure it’s super chilled.

Strawberries – I don’t always add strawberries, it really depends on my mood. The strawberries tend to dull down my green colour too and make it a slight beige, purple colour.

Mango, Melon & Grapes – There are times when I’ve added all the fruits to my smoothies, again it really depends on my mood and is totally unnecessary. I only tend to add them if i’m super hungry or I haven’t/don’t plan on eating that much fruit in the day.

The added extras:

Protein – if you know me, you probably know I add protein powder to almost everything I eat;

porridge – add some chocolate protein,

pudding – add some strawberry protein,

pancakes – add some dessert protein,

drinks – well, maybe just add a bit of vanilla protein…..

I’m not sure if it’s borderline addiction. I tend to have my smoothies after a workout, so I guess post workout protein makes sense.

Chia & Flax seeds – Well if i’m honest, I added these because the packet told me I should, I don’t think the change the flavour at all, but you know…apparently they are superfood and all that so, why the heck not??

Almond or Peanut Butter: duuuuuuhhhhh!

Why Drink Green Smoothies?

Green Smoothies

Post-workout green smoothie with breakfast strawberries

I could now go on to list of the benefits of being green, but do you really need to know. I mean the ingredients make a pretty balanced meal filled with tons of nutrients to hit macro and micro goals – and the taste is spot on. It’s win, win!

How green are you?

Green Smoothies

Do you prefer non-green smoothies?

Have you experimented with any green smoothies? Or are you still unsure about the green smoothie craze?

Let me know on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. 

Why not share this post with your green friends, I’d love to know how they have theirs.


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