How To Run Your first 5k

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5km, for many is the first step in achieving their running goals. 3.1 miles in a car may seem like an easy stretch, but when you’re running your first 5k you’ll realise it’s a lot harder than it seems.


How to Run 5k for the first time:

The first time you run 5k, it may be easier to practice indoors. Running on a treadmill is totally different to running outdoors, however it may be easier to practice your endurance on one.

The reason being, people lose motivation when they struggle.

If you head outdoors and try to run 5k straight off the bat, the likelihood is that you’ll fail. Whereas, if you practice in an easier environment you’re more likely to succeed, therefore giving you the encouragement to do more.

Download Couch to 5k

If there’s one running app I can recommend, it’s couch to 5k. Without this app, I don’t think I would be where I am today. If you want to run your first 5k, I definitely recommend it. It’s a week by week training plan which involves 3 runs a week for nine weeks.

Essential Equipment to Run Your First 5k

Here’s some of the kit I use when running 5k:

Good headphones

I really like big bluetooth headphones. Unlike smaller headphones, big ones tend to sit nicely and don’t slip out your ears like smaller, in ear headphones.

Running trainers

Having the perfect shoes can be an absolute game changer. Blisters, Tendinitis and Corns are definitely not good for running 5k. Make sure the shoes you pick are durable, flexible and  fit your feet perfectly

Decent Sports Bra

There are so many sports bras on the market, yet for a big breasted person like me, it’s so hard to find support. If you’re like me, investing in a shock absorber sports bra can make running a lot more comfortable.

Spotify Playlist

Make sure you have your playlist sorted before you run. Shuffling through a terrible playlist is far from motivating. Fill your playlist with uplifting beats and power songs. I find, Limp Bizkit a great running companion and when I’m really struggling, destiny’s child survivor is my power song.

Smart Watches

I don’t know where i’d be without my fitbit. In 2015 when I got my first one I spent days obsessing over getting enough steps in. 3 years later, things aren’t much different. If you’re training for your first 5k, FitBit has all the tools you need. You can time yourself, log your exercise and track how your health and fitness is improving each and every day.

Seamless Leggings

Because nobody needs to see camel toe while you’re out running. Seamless leggings sit perfectly in that region and are so comfy. My favourites are actually from GAP and I’ve not found many that compare.

Phone/Ipod Holder

You really don’t want to be holding onto your music device when out running. You could drop it, you could get robbed and you’re probably going to cover it in sweat. When I first started learning how to run 5k I used to carry around my phone in my hand until I got one of these really cheaply on Amazon

Water Bottle

You’ll really need one of these, especially in Summer – these handy ones are perfect for you to carry around while you’re running your first 5k.

How To Run Your First 5k Outdoors

Now you know how to run your first 5k, it’s time to take it outdoors. Firstly, you want to make things as easy as possible for your first time. That means ensuring that:

You have the perfect weather

Not too hot and not too cold. Both extreme temperatures will be hard on your lungs for different reasons.

You have all of the above kit ready

You definitely don’t want to run in your old trainers.

Your route is flat

I use map my walk to find routes previous people have taken and it even tells you the elevation.

You’re motivated and ready for it

Whether you complete your first 5k outdoors relies on your mindset. Mindset is so important in the fitness game, if you believe you’re not ready for it – you won’t be.

Get Your power song ready

I repeated Survivor 3 times while trying to finish my first 5k!

Now You’re Ready!

Now you know how to run your first 5k, let me know your times in the comments! Mine was 37 minutes – what was yours?

Run your first 5k

My first 5k

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