Non-Scale Victories: It’s time you celebrate your NSV’s!

My selfie for non-scale victory blog post

When you’re Dressing in the morning and you notice your belt no longer fits, it’s a triumphant moment. That is, of course, if you’ve reached the final notch and not because you’ve got to big for it (that’s for another blog post).

Getting ready this morning, I realised my trusty trouser holder had reached the end of his life. I’d started using the final notch a few months ago, but now I’m completely past it. It got me thinking about non-scale victories, something I learnt about through the slimming world community a few years ago on Instagram.

Deciding to write a blog post on it I’ve been compiling a list of my favourite and most triumphant non-scale victories. Some of these victories I have achieved, and some I haven’t but I hope they can help you on your own journey. In this post I want to talk about:

  • Why NSV’s are better than weighing yourself
  • How focusing on a number is self-sabotage
  • Why comparing yourself to others is damaging
  • What an NSV is and why you should be celebrating it
  • My ultimate NSV list
  • Your own personal non-scale victories

Why non-scale victories are better than weighing yourself

When you’re losing weight it’s so easy to pre-occupy yourself with the numbers on the scale and comparing your weight to that of others. I remember being around 13 years old, weighing 12 stone and seeing a photo in a magazine of Kelly Osbourne. She was looking quite overweight at the time. So how was it, that she weighing the same as me? Obviously, I started comparing myself, I figured I must look the same.

It’s not like the magazines are lying.


Weighing the same means you must be carrying your weight the same way, right?


In fact, looking back now I had a reasonably flat, toned stomach.

If you find yourself prioritising the numbers on the scales over the real victories in your journey, it’s safe to say you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. The path of weight loss is rarely a straight line, it’s more like a funky looking line graph.

The scales don’t always reflect our efforts, especially if you’re a woman. We have hormones and bloating to deal with. Besides, gaining muscle and retaining water are two things which will negatively impact the scales. Yet, Gaining muscle is surely a good thing, right?

Weighing yourself can be heart breaking, soul destroying and demotivating. Missing out on social events and occasions because your weight starts plateauing is common practice, and it can make your life a misery.

Stepping on the scales, unless for medical reasons is self-sabotage. Which is why I wanted to share with you some of my favourite non-scale victories, which you should be celebrating instead.

Active Holidays

What is a non-scale victory

An NSV (non-scale victory) is an achievement you associate with weight loss, that doesn’t involve weighing yourself. It’s a motivating way to celebrate your journey and success to keep you on track.

A non-scale victory can represent what you’re mentally achieving as well as physically. Making a note of all your non-scale victories is something that’ll empower you to keep rewarding yourself and stay motivated. Giving you the energy to achieve more.

Which is why I’ve compiled this list of non-scale victories. Achieving some of these has given me heaps more positivity than looking at a number on a scale ever could.

Non-Scale Victories List


Are you running faster than last week?

Lifting heavier than last month?

I’m certain you’re moving more than last year.

Every step you’re taking is improving you. It’s helping you grow and develop into the person you want to be. You’re becoming fitter, stronger and better, and for that, you should be celebrating your awesomeness.

You stayed on track

Have you been sticking to your plan all week?

2017 goal setting

Be it a fitness plan, diet plan or work plan, staying on track can be tough. With distractions like easter on the way, it’s easy to slip up, lose concentration and motivation. But if you haven’t? Well, you should definitely reward yourself!

Fasten your belt a notch tighter

filling the notches on belt is my non-scale victoriy

*Sorry for the belly flash*


This is the one that inspired this blog post.

My health and wellness journey is endless, it has its ups, and it has its downs. But, this morning, realising my belt was too big for me, has been really motivating. This belt has seen me through years of obesity, so to be cutting my own notches into it is one big achievement. If you’ve ever had to downsize your belt, you’ll know what a great feeling it is.

Buying clothes that aren’t a plus size

Sometimes your lifestyle is so blinding you don’t even notice you’ve become a plus size.

I didn’t.

Over weight Bree

Never registering that the size 18 I just bought wasn’t because I liked baggy clothes, it’s because it’s all that fit me. While, some clothes stores do vary in size greatly, when your regular “Primarni” size 18’s become size 14’s  it’s a victory worth praising.

When you don’t need a seatbelt extension

Flying is something that worries many overweight people.

Not only for the tiny, claustrophobic seats, but also for the fear that comes over you when it’s time to do your seatbelt.

Thinking about the possibility of having a seatbelt extender can be humiliating and enough to send any of us into panic mode. If you’ve ever had one you’ll know the fear more than me, as I never (thankfully) needed one, but I still worried about it, on countless occasions and actually came pretty close to requiring one. If you’ve dealt with that fear, and now you’re nowhere near it, then give yourself an almighty clap. You deserve it.

When the back no longer rolls

At my heaviest and noticing back fat – Oh My Frikking GOD – I hated it.

I didn’t realise I could hate a part of my body that I never saw, but I did. Hating back fat didn’t make it go away. Loving myself, exercising and eating well did. I no longer have back fat. This was a big deal for me and has given me loads more confidence in my body image. If you’ve lost your back rolls too, then I’m sure you’re feeling it.


Don’t give will power the credit for your achievements.

You did it!

You changed your life for the better. You’re the one healing your relationship with food and exercise. You deserve all the credit for your attributes – not willpower. By all means, celebrate your accomplishments, but not your willpower.

Accepting new things

Through your health and fitness journey, you’ll have learnt to tolerate new things. I used to hate sweat. The thought of sweating in public repulsed me, but now I love it.

Roca Nivaria Spa


I feel pride in my sweat.

Sweating means you’re working hard. You may not have the same relationship with sweat as I, but there will unquestionably be something you have learnt to accept or tolerate that you should be proud of.

Clothes fit better

This is the ultimate NSV isn’t it?

That beautiful dress at the back of your wardrobe has been waiting for this day, as have you.

Now go be a fucking princess and absolutely rock it – you deserve it. Do you know what else you deserve, as a reward? More clothes!

Lost inches

If your clothes fit better, you’ve probably lost inches.

But does that necessarily mean you’ve lost weight?


Losing weight and losing fat are totally different. Your lost inches could be down to fat loss and muscle gain – keeping those scales steady. So remember that next time you jump on the “sad step (scales)”. Weight isn’t just fat, it’s muscle mass too.

Changed your lifestyle

The longer you’re on this journey the more your lifestyle adapts. It generally tends to improve. Previously, I was filling life with booze, cigs, KFC’s and nights out. yet, presently, I’m working hard, gyming it, eating healthy, home cooked meals and reading self-improvement books.

lifestyle change

How much has your life improved? Would you change it back? No, I very much doubt you would!

Celebrate development, your mind & body appreciate it.

I could go on and on about what and how you should reward yourself, but I’ll leave it there. Unless you feel there’s anything I’ve missed then I would love to hear from you on Twitter or Instagram. Keep me up to date with your NSV’s 🙂

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