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Goals and Planning for the Future

Living in the cold, wet, miserable UK has really started to get me thinking about what I want from my life and where I want to go. I’ve not really been used to staying in one location for a long period of time, so this time in the UK has been pretty new to me.

I like exploring, adventuring and trying new things everyday, but sitting in an office 5 days a week and voiding rain for the other 2 just isn’t how I want to spend my foreseeable future. I don’t want to be one of those floaty people who works really hard in life but for absolutely no reason or purpose. Like I said, it’s got me thinking. About goals, priorities and life.

I’m 25 this year and although i’ve accomplished and learnt a lot from my 25 years on earth (check out my post on what i’ve learned from my early twenties here), there’s always time to grow and achieve more. I’m a lot fitter, stronger and more determined than I was a few years ago, and i’m also a lot healthier slimmer and smarter.  

If you don’t already know about SMART goals then read my handy helpful guide here.

Setting goals for your future is really important, how do you know where you want to be in life, and how you’re going to get there if you haven’t planned it?

You can set goals on different levels, with different time scales (long term, mid term and short term goals) first look at the whole giant picture. What/where you imagine your future, then break this down into tiny manageable goals. When these tiny goals are put together, then it’s like a jigsaw puzzle falling into place.




I would like to increase the weights I currently lift to improve my strength. I want to work on my full body not just problem areas. I aim to be lifting double the weight I currently lift by the end of 2016. I also plan to keep a written diary of what I do at the gym.


So over the last 4 months I have really started to enjoy weight training but I feel i don’t push myself as much as I should. I increase the weight on squats most weeks and a little when I bench press but I tend not to increase much on other activities. I also struggle to remember what weight I used the week before and end up repeating on a lower weight before I figure out where I should be. So it’s really important that I try and note down exactly what I have done.


Over the next 6 months I will research and start an online nutrition course to give me a better understanding of how mine and other people’s bodies work. It will enable me to give even more informative information on this blog and to grow my passion into a possible career. I will make sure the courses I look into are from accredited companies.


If you hadn’t already realised I have a real passion for health and fitness and i’m always thriving for knowledge. Knowledge is power and health and fitness is a powerful subject. It’s good to try and turn a passion into a career.


I will do atleast 3, 20 minute cardio sessions a week at the gym to ensure I am keeping my cardiovascular health in shape and not just focusing on weights. I will do this for the next 3 months and then re-evaluate this goal.


Since starting weight training my cardio has taken a back seat and it’s really important to have a varied mix of the both for all round health and fitness. Nothing gets my heart thumping like a 20 minute HIIT run or 20 minutes on the cross trainer. I have set this goal for 3 months and then to re-evaluate because I may want to add or remove sessions depending on my fitness levels.


By this time next year (March 2017) I would like to be using my blog as a source of income (even if it’s a small income) I would like to, in the future turn my passion/hobby into a full time job, so this is the small first baby step. This requires me to work hard at home in my spare time, keep ahead of the game, learn new skills and keep myself informed on new health, fitness and lifestyle trends. I would like to be making 10% of my current income online through my blog.


This one may be a bit of a pipe dream, but I think it’s great that there are people out there writing away day by day about subjects that really interest and motivate them and they are making money from doing something they enjoy.


I want to have saved £2000 by December 2016 for our moving to France fund. I will do this by putting £200 a month into a savings account and no matter how tempted I am, not touching it!


I’m bad at saving, I aim to, I want to, but then I see a new dress and I also want that?! Hopefully the fact that we are planning to move to France will help me save and motivate me to keep putting money away.


What are your SMART goals for the future? if not why not try and think of some now and write them in the comments below…



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