Lipstick Lunges – Why I Wear Makeup To The Gym

me squatting in makeup at the gym

I can already hear the gasps from skin experts reading this title. Yes, I know it’s bad, yes I will probably get spots and no, I’m not sorry. Wearing makeup to the gym is one of those touchy subjects that everyone seems to have an opinion on. So much judgement is passed in an area which should be judgement free. Women (and men) should be able to spend their gym time free from discrimination due to how they choose to look. Right?

But, roll back a few months ago and I was one of those passing judgement. I used to rock up to the gym, frizzy hair in a massive ugly ponytail with curly waifs of hair sticking out like the Weetos professor. I’d wear ugly gym wear and have my 6 am, make-up less, grumpy face on. I’d rarely see another female in there at that time, just a couple of guys and Mike. So when I did see a female, make-up filled and attractive, I, of course, passed some critical judgement.

me in makeup at the gym

What changed?

As somebody who’s developed somewhat of a passion for fitness, I have an Instagram FULL of hot, toned, inspirational girls. Not one of them ever seems to post a selfie without makeup on. So I started to think to myself, if I passed judgement on these people at the gym, is there not a hundred more made up girls doing the same to me? What if the people who used to see me at the gym looked at me with the same judgemental attitude?

“She has no self-respect”

“Why would anyone leave the house looking like that”

“She looks like a boy”

What if, they were saying these things about me while I was criticising them? I mean, surely I was only criticising them through jealousy?

Is It Instagram’s Fault?

In some respects, yes. I think Instagram has opened my eyes to the “sexier” side of fitness. Not all women who wear makeup are stood around with the pink weights. They work hard and they look hot and that’s totally commendable. Last year if I went to the gym, I’d post a horrific #SweatySelfie on my Instagram because I really didn’t give a shit how I looked at the gym. But, that’s all changed.

me in no makeup at the gym

My 2015 #SweatySelfie

Why Wear Makeup?

Confidence. When you feel good, you work harder. It’s not like I wake up at 5 am and spend an hour before the gym doing my hair and makeup, far from it. But I do make a bit of an effort. For the morning I style my hair in braids, pencil my eyebrows and touch up my mascara, if I’m feeling really crappy, I may add a little eyeliner. I try and avoid foundation because I’m really prone to spots. However, if I go to the gym in the afternoon or evening then I’m not going to wash it off before I go in. When I wear makeup I feel good. When I feel good I feel motivated and happy. My best workouts to date have been when I’ve worn makeup.  

me in makeup at the gym

Another reason I wear makeup to the gym is because it’s a big part of my day. I work from home so most of my day is spent at home, alone without any human interaction. So, when I do actually speak to people or meet new people I want to be myself, and express myself. My makeup is a part of me, the same way my tattoos and my personality are.

The Downsides of Wearing Makeup

The judgement from people like my previous self is obviously a downside, but at the end of the day, people should do what makes them happy and ignore everyone else. Who really cares, you’re not going to go home and cry because someone looked at your eyebrows funny.

me in makeup at the gym

Sweating. When your eyebrows are on point and your mascara isn’t waterproof, that confident look you walked into the gym with could take a drastic turn. I use a lot of cardio equipment and I always rub my forehead, but many times I’ve wiped to far down and lost an eyebrow or two.

My boyfriend thinks I’m odd. Mike doesn’t really get it, but why would he. He probably assumes I have some gym crush or something because “girls only wear makeup to impress guys” and all that *Rolls Eyes Sarcastically*.

me in makeup at the gym

Do you wear makeup to the gym, do you judge girls for wearing makeup to the gym, or could you not give a flying *** what others do with their face? Let me know in the comments below.

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