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Insta-Fitspiration january

January is THE most motivational time of year. Goal setting, dieting, fitness plans – you name it, January is where it all begins. However by the 3rd week of January around 40% of people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions! Why is that?

With the majority of 2017 goals set around losing weight and getting fit and healthy, I wanted to write a post about my “Fitspiration”.

I love to scroll Instagram, it’s one of the many ways I tend to procrastinate throughout the day. Luckily, I also find it a very useful motivational tool to get off my ass and go to the gym. Normal people like you or I have taken to Instagram to keep themselves accountable to their goals, and whilst doing so, have become these inspirational motivators.

So, here is my TOP Insta Fitspiration to help get you through the tough month of January:

Planking For Pizza:

Am I as lean as I was before the holiday? Nope! Did I gain a little? Probably. Have I set myself back? Only by a week and pound or two. But here's the thing: I'm not even slightly upset about it. Because the holidays come once a year and family time is too precious! Sure I had the right tools and food around to keep me on track. I had EVERY intention of getting back to macro counting this past Monday, but I got in the old habit of saying "what's one more day"? And then Tuesday again "oh what's one more day"? There was a lot of temptation (sugar cookies, coffee cake, nut roll, fudge, chocolate 😍) and my willpower was not super strong 😅 And then suddenly it was Friday and I was like "well might as well wait until the new year anyway" and so I grabbed a bag of chips while at Target last night after I got home to FL (a trigger food I know to avoid) but I was so hungry and in this mindset of "really what's one more day". I inhaled those chips and almost ate them all in the ride home (not a single serving size either!) I threw them away once home just to avoid eating them all. And then a few mins later, my body retaliated 💩 It was not happy with me!! I could easily say today "what's one more day, tomorrow is the new year"!! But I'm saying NO 🙅🏼 back on track today!!! I don't need a new year or Monday to start fresh. I've worked so hard these past 8 weeks to continue to progress backwards. It's life though. Moving toward will never be a constant, progress is never linear. I'm not guilty in the slightest!! I'm honestly feeling really mentally and emotionally strong. The crazy thing is my BODY is saying, "hey girl, can I get some veggies plzzz"! So back to the gym I go this morning and then grocery haul for all the healthy things! I know my body is going to thank me and will bounce back quickly because it thrives on consistency! Cheers to the almost new year babes and tackling those goals 👊🏼 I'll be sharing my goals with you soon! Do you have your goals set yet?? It's never too early to start 😉 Have a lovely New Years Eve 🤗💕

A photo posted by Jess (@plankingforpizza) on

Jess absolutely smashes it on Instagram daily. Her body confidence is so inspiring and her Insta microblogging is a great way to stay motivated this January – PLUS she has the best username ever.

Anna Victoria:

You’ve probably seen this image circulating the internet over the last few months. I first saw Anna Victoria in a Daily Mail article about this photo (I know, Daily Mail – what was I thinking). She posts regular updates at the gym and transformations from her 12-week program and loads more body confidence photos like this including bloating photos and make-up free selfies.

Foodie Girl Fitness:

Get a bit off track over the holidays and now you're feeling a bit defeated? Me too. Yes I am a self-love soldier, but sometimes I too struggle with embracing where I'm at. . . I am a fan of celebrating. But I like to take celebrations a couple of times a week, not all day everyday for two weeks straight. Of course that leaves me feeling puffy, but it also leaves me feeling crappy. Food really does have a HUGE impact on your psyche… so its no surprise that when you eat like crap, you feel like crap. . . While my body might not be as tone as it was a week ago, and my energy levels aren't as high, and my cravings for junk are FIERCE AF, I don't have to add to that by also letting my mind feel defeated. ​So in the middle of my struggle today, I decided to say FUCK THIS. I've had fun with several of my favorites over the last week, and I plan to have more fun with more of my favorites over this next week. And they're my favorites because they love ME- not my size, not how much I weigh, not whether I am bloated or not… ME. . . And if all the people I love best in this world love me back, then I've gotta be a pretty special someone, right?? So here I am, celebrating me in my softness. Remembering that I am SO MUCH MORE than my body. And so are you. . . Lead with love babes! You have your whole life to get back on track and walk in your healthy journey. But life includes holidays and fun and indulgences. Soo instead of feeling ashamed of what our bodies look like right now, lets make a pact to relish in the fact that we've got a life worth celebrating!

A photo posted by Ashlie Molstad 👻ashlie.molstad (@foodiegirlfitness) on

Ashlie Molstad AKA Foodie Girl Fitness is someone I’ve recently started following and thanks to the Instagram algorithm she tends to always end up top of my timeline, I’m not complaining though. I am in awe of her motivation, drive and dedication, she’s also a big fan of personal development which is always beneficial to a happy, healthy life.

Nikes and Nutella:

Even whilst travelling South-East Asia, she still managed to grow those glutes, and don’t they look awesome. If you want some booty motivation, this girl has got it. I love her fitness videos and again – she has an awesomely witty username.

Anna The Apple:

Not only does Anna weight train, but she’s a keen runner too. I follow her on Instagram, Twitter and read her blog and she’s ridiculously motivated. Her energy is crazy. From morning workouts, to park runs and everything in between she’s a great Fitspiration.


These 5 ladies are my top fitness inspiration at the moment, but I’m always on the lookout for more. If you know anyone inspiring, driven and motivating then please let me know – I’m keen on finding more accounts to kick my bum into action and get me heading to the gym.  


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