10 Things Only Fitness Fatties Will Relate To

weight scale and dumbbells

You’re working out 24/7 yet you still can’t shake those extra pounds hanging around in all the wrong places. No matter how hard you try your thunder thighs and kangaroo pouch is still looking exactly same as when you started working out. Well, I mean, It probably doesn’t look the exact same, but you know, it’s still there…

Sound familiar? Then here are 10 things you’ll be relating to

The January Rush

If you tell new people you’re going to the gym in January they assume you’ve just started going. Coz, anyone who attends the gym in January must be a resolutioner.


I recently moved house in December so joining a new gym in January was the worst! everyone’s looking at you with that secret “you won’t be here long” smile.

Lack of nutritional knowledge

People assume you have no understanding of nutrition. You can’t you’re fat. You obviously don’t know the right foods to eat *eyeball roll*. Don’t let those people and their negative thoughts get to you. The chances are THEY don’t really know half as much about nutrition.

Sweatpants dilemma

Buying gym gear is the worst. You don’t quite know whether to buy your size or a bit smaller, I mean all this working out will pay off soon. Right?

Negative ninnys

“You don’t look like you go to the gym much”. Well you don’t look like an idiot much but you clearly are. People have such a negative attitude when it comes to success. People are sadists and they like watching people fail. Being a bit overweight but making changes to improve that encourages a lot of negative people to appear out the woodwork.

I’m not on a diet

“How’s your diet?” err, yah. It’s similar to yours, I eat food…

HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL PEOPLE I’M NOT ON A WEIGHT LOSS DIET! I’m getting fitter, healthier and stronger by eating “normal” “healthy” foods. Just because I eat vegetables and fruit over chocolate and pies, does not mean I am on a faddy diet…. So what if I don’t lose weight one day? I’m still improving myself, improving my health and improving my body.


Sweaty betty

Sweat EVERYWHERE. I know you’re supposed to sweat when you work out, but I don’t think it’s supposed to happen while walking up the stairs to get to the gym. Don’t forget your towel. Remember us fitness fatties have more creases for the sweat to hide in (Gross)

Gym Envy

I look at other people in the gym, enviously. Looking to see if I can notice their body changing and what equipment they’re doing or how many reps. sometimes I almost mirror them…One day. one day, after a million squats, I too will have that peach booty.

Contradictory advice

Everyone tells you different things to help you shift the fat “weights are key to fat burning” or “it’s all about the cardio” wellI, I’ve tried them all….and…I’m still fat. So I’ve learnt do just do what I enjoy. Weights and cardio.


You MUST live on fast food

When you tell people you go to the gym 5 days a week they assume you should have rock solid abs and when they see you don’t it must be because you eat Mcdonalds or KFC for dinner every night.

You are an inspiration

You amaze people. The most important point of all. Your inspiration and encouragement motivates people. The hard work and determination you continue to put in every day helps people to start on their own health and fitness journeys. One day you will be someone’s motivation if you’re not already!

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